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New application: small agriculture tractor

small agriculture tractor

Transmitter( handheld )size :16.4×7.5×4.6 cm
TX Weight: About 320g (without Batteries)
RF Power ≤10dBm
Antenna :External

Receiver Size:18.5×8.5×8.5 cm
RX Weight :About 550g
Sensitivity : >-110dBm
Antenna : Internal

*8 push buttons (openhanded buttons, can operate with gloves)
*6 control motions
*With the battery voltage alarm device ,when voltage is insufficient and TX LED flashes slowly , please change two new batteries .
*Magnetic key to forbid person who is not authorized using .
Control distance : 50-100m
Operating Frequency : 425.5925-446.725MHz
Channel : 80CH (avoid interference by same channel)
Modulation Mode :FSK (strong anti-interference capacity)
I.D.Code : More than 4.3 billion ,ID is unique (Even if the channels are same , there is no out-of-order control with transmitters .)
Temperature : -35°C ~ +85°C(Regardless of the battery temperature tolerance)
protection Degree :IP65( dust-proof and waterproof)
Transmitter power supply: DC 3V (Two pieces of alkaline Batteries, AA Size , life span :1 month)
Receiver power supply :DC 12V
Receiver contains observable stop indicator light

Function Introduction:
Stop button: stop, after orange, blue, purple lines were electrified , the main valve, the right valve, the left valve work.

Up button: machinery was risen, orange and yellow line were electrified, the main valve and on-valve work.

Down button: machinery was fell, orange and green lines were electrified, the main valve and lowering valve work.

North / South button: turn left, orange and purple lines were electrified, main valve and left valve work.

East / West button: turn right, orange,and blue line were electrified, the main valve and the right valve work.

Start button: water valve, pink line were electrified, the water valve work, then stop water. (Optional)

Note: The common line is red line!
Magnetic Key must be in magnets groove, the transmitter can work when you press any key, The transmitter doesn’t work and the led flashes fast if you take off the magnetic key.

Standard configuration:
* Transmitter 1 PCS
* Receiver 1 PCS
* Receiver with 1 m connection cable