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  • F24-60


  • Control distance:up to 100m
  • Buttons:5 pcs single speed
  • Certificate:CE, FCC ISO9001:2008
  • Working temperature:-35℃~+80℃
  • Material:Glass Fiber-Reinforced Nylon-6
  • Operation frequency:310.00~330MHz



1.With ratio module,analog signals can be output (additional costs). Ratio output: standard 0-10V
2.2 five steps of 10 million times mechanical life Pure proportion joystick without fault of poor contact
3.6 function keys
4.Three positions/two positions rotating switches
5.Light weight and neck hanging design for Asian ergonomics
6.With 3 steps battery voltage alarm device, the power is cut off during low power
7.Safety key switch
8.Enhanced watch-dog circuit with automatically stop device
9.Signal search and frequency automatic tracking circuit
10.Prevent power from sudden breaking
11.Programmable relays outputs
12.3 super heterodyne receiving circuits
13.LED and indicator outputs
14.Variety functions and parameters can be set by computer interface
15.Setting free up to users' requirements

Model Operation Button Button Type Transmitter Receiver
 Emergency Stop
F24-60 5 pcs single speed Rotary key  Mushroom
2 pcs 2 Step Joystick switches
2 pcs 3 Step Joystick Switches
2 pcs 4 directions 5 Step Joystick Switch


Open Keys
Receiver EMS Receiver Control Points Receiver
Start Yes 36-40 Cable