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  • C-E1Q


  • Control distance:up to 100m
  • Buttons:arrow tip
  • Certificate:CE, FCC ISO9001:2008
  • Working temperature:-35 ℃ ~ +80 ℃
  • Material:Glass Fiber-Reinforced Nylon-6
  • Operation frequency:433 MHz



1.Use aero plug kit,You can connect the wire on the power supply, when you want to use the receiver, you just nee to connect the aero plug kit. And after you use it, you can just remove the receiver without the wire.
a Time saving, in avoid of wasting time on connection time to time.
b Easy to connect and remove, can avoid error connection which caused by times re-connection.
c Space-saving
2.Automatic frequency adjustment & transmitter and receiver paring freely.
3.Plus LED indicator light on the receiver, prompting the trouble in time.
4.Widely frequency: 425.5925~446.9925MHz
5.Push button sticker use arrow, without language restriction. If you need we can also offer you English or Chinese sticker.
6.In order to solve the push button block, we made the push button groove more bigger than ever.

Model Operation Button Button Type Transmitter Receiver
Emergency Stop
C-E1Q 6 Single Speed - Mushroom

Open Keys
Receiver EMS Receiver Control Points Receiver
Start Yes 6 Aviation