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DK-6S Wireless remote control

  • Control distance:100-500m
  • Frequency:425.5925-446.725 MHz
  • Push button:up ,down,east,west,south,north, start, stop
  • Speed:Single speed


 DK-6S Wireless remote control 

1. Products Features:


A. 6 single push button+1 emergency button+1start button.


B. When the power is not enough, the power will be cut off automatically.


C. Computer set key functions, channel, power.


D. Software set the channel, no need the crystal, through the wireless manually change the frequency,without using the other tools.

E. Wireless pairing. Easy to match the transmitter, without the help of other tools; Wireless adjusting the frequency.


F. Operating distance: Up to 500m


G. Receiver with the LED indicator.


H. Aviation plug design of the receiver, easy to maintain.


I. Frequency:425.5925-446.725MHz

J. Rechargeable battery




2. Standard configuration:


One transmitter;


One receiver;


One 1m cable connect with receiver;


One operation and maintain manual.



3. Products Application:

Widely applied for lifting equipment, construction machinery, cargo loading/unloading machines, water supply system, data transmission, the iron-smelting and steel-making, the automobile manufacturing, paper-making and chemical industry, steel structure processing, galvanization, shipbuilding, railroad, bridge, tunnel construction and other equipment and sites which can be worked by radio controls.