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New year’s Party

On January 22th, 2015, DIRK celebrate its new year party in ZHENGZHOU. Before the party, the chairman make a speech as below:
Good evening everyone!
Firstly, i want to say "Happy New Year." to all of you. 2014 had past, with passion and harvest, 2015 is coming, with hoping and dreaming.
Looking back in to 2014, for us, it is a year of rebirth, powerful, and hopeful. In this year, we are work together, study together, overcome many difficulty, solve many problems, make our company and product accept and appreciated by more people. Here i want to say thanks to all staffs and the leadership. Your efforts make us finish the annual work targets perfectly, and make 2014 to be a decisive year.  


In 2014, basically we completed or imminent four things:
First, finish the share reform, listing work carried out well.
Second, the management system has been improved.
Three,optimization and upgrade of products.
Four,considering how much hard work we have put into the year of 2014 , to DIRK , this is something we are proud of , hereby i would like to thank all my
DIRK people.
We are a big family , from the past year ,DIRK has proved the ambition and strength of success. We believe that we will become better and better , also i hope all the people can bear the burden of the development of it Here,on behalf of DIRK company , thanks for hard working of all staff , finally , may the year 2015 bring you joy ,peace , happiness , success.

Thank you!