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  • F21-4S


  • Control distance :up to 100m
  • Buttons :4 Single Speed
  • Certificate :CE, FCC, ISO9001: 2008
  • Working temperature :-35 ℃ ~ +80 ℃
  • Material :Glass Fiber-Reinforced Nylon-6
  • Operation frequency:310.0325-331.165MHz or 433Mhz


* 4 push buttons, can be single or double speed.
* Control points up to 4 ( single speed)/6 (double speed)
* With the battery voltage alarm device to cut off the circuit when voltage is insufficient.
* With the Rotate key switch to guarantee the safety.
* Set the internal functions by computer interface
* Up/down, east/west, south/ north push button can be set mutual inhibition or not.
* spare 1 key can be set start, speed up, jump strokes, ordinary etc.

Model Operation Button Button Type Transmitter Receiver
Emergency Stop
F21-4S 4 Single Speed - Mushroom

Open Keys
Receiver EMS Receiver Control Points Receiver
Start Yes 5 Cable