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  • F21-E1


  • Control distance:up to 100m
  • Buttons:6 single speed
  • Certificate:CE, FCC ISO9001:2008
  • Working temperature:-35 ℃ ~ +80 ℃
  • Material:Glass Fiber-Reinforced Nylon-6
  • Operation frequency:310.0325-331.165 MHz


1.Water-proof, IP 65, can be used inner or outside.
2.Glass fiber and engineering-plastics make the cover strong, avoid damage cause by high falling or gravity roller.
3.Control distance can reach to 100m
4.Wide receiver voltage can meet different requirement.
5.Key safety magnet, another guarantee about the safety. Free transmitter protecting cover available.
6. 6 Single speed push buttons +one EMGS button+ one START button+ one STOP button + one SWITCH
7. Control points up to 6
8 With the battery voltage alarm device to cut off the circuit when voltage is insufficient.
9. With the Rotate key switch to guarantee the safety.
10. Set the internal functions by computer interface
11 Up/down,east/west,south/north push button can be set start ,close,speed up,jump strokes,ordinary etc

Model Operation Button Button Type Transmitter Receiver
Emergency Stop
F21-E1 6 Single Speed - Mushroom

Open Keys
Receiver EMS Receiver Control Points Receiver
Start Yes 7 Cable